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Mental Health (Counseling and Psychiatry)

Professional psychotherapists provide skillful and sensitive treatment for behavioral and emotional problems. Services are available no matter what your finances are like.  We have an income-based sliding fee scale and accept Medicaid, Medicare, and many private insurance plans. We serve clients of all ages and work with individuals, families, and couples.

The professional staff at JFS is dedicated to helping you successfully cope with life’s changes and challenges. We help thousands of people every year, offering services in an environment of caring and respect for human dignity, privacy and diversity.

If you or someone you know needs counseling, call 210-302-6920 and ask for an intake worker. Our goal is to make all of our services accessible and affordable to all!

Counseling for All Age Groups


Our experienced, highly trained clinicians offer expert counseling to help clients with a wide variety of needs, including:



• Mood/behavioral disorders

• Aging and caregiving issues

• Stress management

• Women’s health issues

• Trauma

• Grief and loss

• School- or work-related problems

• Life transition issues

• Relationship difficulties

• Parenting or family issues

• Anger management

• Marital relationships
• Divorce
• Remarriage
• Adult child/aging parent challenges
• Chronic disease issues
• Depression
• Anxiety

• Substance use
• Adapting to retirement
• Death of a loved one


Counseling & Psychiatry continued

For those who require extra help, psychiatric services are available by appointment for those who receive counseling at the agency. JFS Psychiatrists are licensed physicians who are Board certified to treat children, teens and adults.  They can conduct psychiatric assessments and prescribe and monitor medications.



Counseling for Children & Teens


Childhood and adolescence can be overwhelming.  At JFS, we offer a comfortable setting where skilled professionals can help children, teens, and their families understand and resolve emotional and behavioral problems


Typical concerns may include: 
School related problems
• Substance use
• Peer relationships
• Family conflicts
• Divorce
• Remarriage
• Separation
• Family illness and loss




Treatment choices for mental health conditions will vary from person to person. Even people with the same diagnoses will have different experiences, needs, goals, and objectives for treatment.

Because you are directly involved in designing your own treatment plan, you can achieve positive outcomes and better manage your mental health.

JFS clinicians are trained to treat a variety of mental health issues including serious and/or chronic conditions through a range of modalities and approaches.

JFS will match you with a therapist who specializes in your area of need. Our diverse team of therapists includes licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and interns in these fields.


If you or anyone you know needs these services, call 210-302-6920 or 210-533-1112 and the receptionist will direct you to someone who can help you.

Social Services

Senior Services

JFS is committed to helping seniors. The social services department provides a wide range of services. Emphasis is placed on doing a thorough needs assessment for each client and providing the services needed to resolve the existing problems. Senior case management services address many commonly experienced problems:

Medical crises such as a sudden loss of functioning, falls, strokes, or any reason for hospitalization.

Financial difficulties arising from limited resources, medical costs such as prescriptions, or the need to purchase durable medical equipment.

The loss of a loved one, especially a life partner.

The need to relocate to another residence, a retirement community, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility.

JFS is also ready to help the helpers. Many seniors depend on their spouses, their adult children, other family members, or friends to provide companionship, transportation, and emergency assistance. These helpers are under a great deal of stress as they try to juggle work, family responsibilities, and their own needs for self-care. JFS offers information, referral, and support to the caregivers. Access to a supportive professional is vital to those who display compassion by caring for seniors.

If you or anyone you know needs Senior Services, call 210-302-6920 and ask for the social service department!

Case Management

Sometimes you just need some help to get through the bumps in the road.
You need to know where to find a vital resource.

You need help to understand how to deal with bureaucracies like CPS Energy or Social Security.

In tough financial times, you may need assistance with resume writing, job hunting, or budgeting.

As your parents age, you may need information and guidance about the best choices for seniors who are becoming dependent or may need to relocate to a safer living situation.

Jewish Family Service offers case management services. Your case manager will help you assess and define your needs and will make a plan with you to attain your identified goals.

If you or anyone you know needs this kind of support and assistance, call 210-302-6920 and ask for the Director of Social Services.

Education and Support Groups

JFS is pleased to offer groups that offer information, education, and support.

Anger Management:  This group helps clients understand anger triggers, emotional management, and self-care, and teaches healthier ways to cope with stress and frustration. A certificate of completion is offered to those who complete five (5) sessions. Classes are held at 5:00 PM on Mondays at our Mission Rd. office (210-533-1112) and at 7:00 PM on Tuesdays at our NW Military Highway office (210-302-6920).

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If you or anyone you know needs services, call us and the receptionist will direct you to someone who can help you.


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